Advanced Practice Nurse II-HOC PALLIACARE-FT-DAYS

Job Overview: The APRN II is a nurse prepared with graduate level nursing education and authorized to practice and prescribe as a Clinical Nurse Specialist or Certified Nurse Practitioner in collaboration with one or more physicians or podiatrists. Advanced clinical practice in nursing includes the following components: assessment of patient health status, diagnostic testing, diagnoses, development of treatment plans, implementation of treatment plans, follow-up and evaluation of the patientxe2x80x99s response to treatment, accurate documentation of the patientxe2x80x99s status, and patient advocacy. APRNs are clinical experts who design, implement and evaluate patient-specific and population-based programs of care and promote care through a variety of methods. APRNs function at all levels of the healthcare system within three sphere of influence: client, personnel, and organization. APRNs must have a collaborating physician(s) in an associated Standard Care Arrangement. The APRN II must spend 50% of hours worked utilizing prescriptive authority in their advanced clinical practice role. Job Requirements: Master’s Degree in Nursing Graduate from NP or CNP program Specialty certification in area of expertise within one year of start date Registered Nurse with APRN Licensure Demonstrated expertise in area of clinical specialization 3-4 years experience Clinical in Nursing Nursing practice in an acute or primary care setting Job Responsibilities: Collaborates and consults with the interdisciplinary healthcare team, the patient and family when diagnosing, prioritizing problems, and implementing interventions. Provides consultation and initiates referrals to other healthcare team members and promotes collaboration among other members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team. Assists interdisciplinary team members, patients, and families in selecting therapies that integrate perspectives of cost and quality of benefits. Collaborates with other disciplines in teaching, consultation, management, and research activities to improve outcomes in nursing practice and enhance the healthcare environment. Provides effective leadership. Integrates analysis of cost and benefits in care decisions. Designs/Develops innovative solutions for patient care problems that utilize resource efficiency while maintaining or improving quality and advancing best practices. Provides leadership in the development and application of consensus derived protocols or evidence-based practice (EBP) guidelines in the clinical setting. Participates, as opportunities arise, in healthcare-related decision-making at the system, local, state, and national levels with an emphasis on improving patient outcomes. Serves in key roles by participating in/leading committees, councils, and administrative teams. Utilizes, participates in, and disseminates research, evidence-based practice, or quality improvement projects to enhance clinical practice and patient outcomes. May serve as primary or co-investigator, or member of the investigative team in conducting nursing or collaborative research. Critically evaluates existing practice based on current research findings and integrates changes into practice through an EBP project. Evaluates processes of care by serving a as leader or team member in relevant Quality Improvement projects. Promotes mentoring and education to nursing by serving as a Journal Club mentor and facilitates learning in critically appraising the literature. Provides education to patients, families, and healthcare providers to promote best practice. Serves as a teacher, mentor, role model to nurses in the promotion of nursing research, EBP. Serves as preceptor, role model and mentor to staff nurses and colleagues as well as nursing students. Teaches, coaches, and supports nurses and other healthcare professionals to advance the care of patients. Provides education to the patient and their family for health promotion including secondary prevention strategies. Collaborates in the assessment, development, implementation and evaluation of patient and staff educational needs. Ensures nursing practice is conducted in an ethical and legal manner. Abides by the Ohio Scope of Practice as an APRN. Provides safe, compassionate, competent, and ethical care. Demonstrates the highest level of accountability for professional practice. Preserves the patientxe2x80x99s dignity. Serves as a patient advocate by promoting advanced directives and adherence to the patient’s wishes. Contributes and promotes the discussions of end-of-life decisions and palliative care with the patient, family members, physician and the health care team as appropriate. At least 50% of position involves direct management of the patientxe2x80x99s and/or familyxe2x80x99s care. Independently performs and documents a complete history and physical examination, including psychosocial assessment. Prescribes drugs and therapeutic devices consistent with the formulary under section 4723.50 of the Ohio Revised Code. Assesses for interactive and synergistic effects of multiple pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions. Orders laboratory and radiologic tests and interprets the results. Collaborates with physician(s) to plan to implement a comprehensive plan of care. Discusses patientxe2x80x99s care with family members. Performs duties per the Standard Care Arrangement. Other Job-Related Information: The TriHealth Nursing Vision, Mission, and Philosophy speak to professional development, collaboration, and our nursing culture. To achieve excellence in nursing care, TriHealth encourages: pursuit of improved knowledge through continuing education classes, formal education leading to advanced degrees, and the attainment of specialty certification; nurse membership in local, regional, and national nursing organizations related to the appropriate nurse specialty; involvement in activities that better the health of our community; nursing research activities and use of evidence-based practice, and all nurses to foster, support, and personally model collaborative relationships amongst nurses, physicians, and other caregivers for the betterment of patient care. Working Conditions: Climbing – Occasionally Concentrating – Consistently Continuous Learning – Consistently Hearing: Conversation – Consistently Hearing: Other Sounds – Consistently Interpersonal Communication – Consistently Kneeling – Occasionally Lifting <10 Lbs. – Frequently Lifting 50+ Lbs – Frequently Lifting 11-50 Lbs – Frequently Pulling – Frequently Pushing – Frequently Reaching – Consistently Reading – Consistently Sitting – Frequently Standing – Frequently Stooping – Frequently Talking – Consistently Thinking/Reasoning – Consistently Use of Hands – Consistently Color Vision – Consistently Visual Acuity: Far – Consistently Visual Acuity: Near – Consistently Walking – Frequently TriHealth SERVE Standards and ALWAYS Behaviors At TriHealth, we believe there is no responsibility more important than to SERVE our patients, our communities, and our fellow team members. To achieve our vision and mission, ALL TriHealth team members are expected to demonstrate and live the following: Serve: ALWAYSxe2x80xa6 Welcome everyone by making eye contact, greeting with a smile, and saying "hello" Acknowledge when patients/guests are lost and escort them to their destination or find someone who can assist Refrain from using cell phones for personal reasons in public spaces or patient care areas Excel: ALWAYSxe2x80xa6 Recognize and take personal responsibility to address and recover from service breakdowns when a customer's expectations have not been met Offer patients and guests priority when waiting (lines, elevators) Work on improving quality, safety, and service Respect: ALWAYSxe2x80xa6 Respect cultural and spiritual differences and honor individual preferences. Respect everyonexe2x80x99s opinion and contribution, regardless of title/role. Speak positively about my team members and other departments in front of patients and guests. Value: ALWAYSxe2x80xa6 Value the time of others by striving to be on time, prepared and actively participating. Pick up trash, ensuring the physical environment is clean and safe. Be a good steward of our resources, using supplies and equipment efficiently and effectively, and will look for ways to avoid waste. Engage: ALWAYSxe2x80xa6 Acknowledge wins and frequently thank team members and others for contributions. Show courtesy and compassion with customers, team members and the community

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