Bienvivir All-Inclusive Senior Health (xe2x80x9cBienvivirxe2x80x9d) is a community-based, patient-centered, comprehensive health care delivery system that advocates and promotes quality of life, optimum independence, dignity, and choices in a nurturing environment for frail seniors. Since 1987, Bienvivir has served the frail seniors of El Paso, Texas through the provision of the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (xe2x80x9cPACExe2x80x9d).PACE is a unique managed care benefit for frail seniors (referred to as participants) age 55 and older who are certified by the state as needing nursing home level care and who reside in a PACE service area. PACE programs coordinate and provide comprehensive medical and support services so that participants can remain independent and stay in their homes for as long as safely possible. BENEFITS for Full and Part-time employees who work 30 or more hours per week:We pay 100% of the MEDICAL monthly premiums for Employee Only coverage.We pay 100% of the DENTAL monthly premiums for Employee Only coverage.We provide an affordable VISION monthly premium for Employee + Family coverage.We pay 100% of BASIC LIFE for a benefit amount of $10,000.We offer safe harbor matching contributions for the 403(B) RETIREMENT SAVINGS account.We offer up to fifteen (15) days of PAID TIME OFF based on paid hours per pay period.We offer eleven (11) company-observed PAID HOLIDAYS.We offer education and TUITION REIMBURSEMENT. We offer MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT.Bienvivir is currently accepting applications for the following position:NURSE PRACTITIONER (ADVANCED)The Nurse Practitioner functioning under the auspices of the Medical/Clinical Department, is a medical staff provider with a high degree of expertise in the nursing care and management of geriatric patients. The Nurse Practitioner, NP, assumes major responsibility for assuring continuity of patient care at the clinic; home care settings; ambulatory, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. Responsibilities include collaboration with physicians, comfort care staff, as well as other care providers to ensure well-coordinated, interdisciplinary continuity of care. The Nurse Practitioner will provide care within his/her scope of practice as outlined by applicable state law, licensing, regulations, and Bienvivir Policy.RESPONSIBILITIES:Clinical Knowledge1. Demonstrate knowledge of etiologies, risk factors, pathophysiology, presentation, and epidemiology of medical conditions.2. Is knowledgeable of care of those with delirium, dementia, falls or other mobility impairments, questionable capacity to make medical decisions, complex social and caregiver situations. Select mood disorders, and polypharmacy.3. Demonstrates a high degree of clinical expertise in working with patients with acute and chronic illness.4. Develops history and physical assessments, of participants, that are accurate, complete, concise, relevant, and appropriate for age, gender, and clinical problem.5. Orders appropriate diagnostic studies and correctly interprets the results.6. Utilizes critical thinking to synthesize and analyze collected data.7. Develops, implements, evaluates, and adjusts the plan of care as needed in coordination with the workings and practice of the Interdisciplinary Team.8. Manages general medical and surgical conditions based on knowledge of the indications, contraindications, side effects, interactions and adverse reactions of pharmacologic agents and other relevant treatment modalities.9. Demonstrates proficiency in procedural skills pertinent to practice area.10. Other duties as assigned by the Medical Director.Patient Care1. Provides care that is patient and family centered, compassionate, and appropriate in the care of Bienvivir population, as well as Comfort Care participants.2. Provides initial participant evaluation and six-month re-assessments, treatment, prevention, care coordination and management of acute and chronic health conditions as appropriate for Bienvivir participants care.3. Assesses participants during routine office visits.4. Counsels and educates patients and families.5. Incorporates the patient and family in care planning and treatment across settings.6. Prescribes routine drug therapy in accordance with established protocol. Thoroughly explains drug benefits, side effects, and potential reactions.7. Refers more complex cases to supervising Physician for consultation. Directs patients to Specialists as necessary.8. Completes all medical care functions in compliance with established protocol and clinic policies. Strictly follows infection control procedures and safety regulations.9. Leads and coordinates family conferences.Communication and Interdisciplinary Collaboration1. Communicates and collaborates effectively with Physicians, Home Health Comfort Care Team, members of the Interdisciplinary Team, Pharmacists, Specialists and Hospitalists.2. Works effectively with the Interdisciplinary Team members.3. Promotes mutual respect and trust working within a team model.4. Communicates effectively with participants and families, incorporating gender, age, culture, race, religion, disabilities, and sexual orientation.5. Ensures all required charts, documents, and files ae accurate, timely, and in compliance with clinic policies and standards.QUALIFICATIONS / REQUIREMENTS:1. Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) with certification as Nurse Practitioner in Family, Geriatrics, Adult, or Acute Care.2. Current State License.3. Annual CPR certification.4. Other certifications as required. PI1329d9dabd5d-25405-34385911

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