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  • Part Time, Full Time, Locum Tenens/Traveling, Remote
  • Phoenix, AZ, US

TGB3 is seeking to contract a Nurse Practitioner (NP) to perform Compensation & Pension Exams (C&P) for our military Veterans at various sites through the USA.Length: 6-12 months (option to extend)Start Date: March 2024Hours: Full-Time M-F 8-4Pay: TOP HOURLY RATELocation – Phoenix, AZxc2xa0xefxbbxbfContract DescriptionYour services support the Veterans Benefits Administration Medical Disabilities Examinations program. Veterans are scheduled for appointments at contracted facilities for compensation and pension exams and embeds practitioners in facilities as needs warrant. Dedicated facilities are in areas where there is a large Veteran population with the potential for high volume.xefxbbxbfThe compensation and pension exam helps the VA answer questions about Veteransxe2x80x99 current health.xc2xa0The practitioners will not decide the percent of disability or rating, develop treatment plans, or prescribe medication.Completed documentation is sent to the VA for final determination on all disability claims.Prior to the exam, the practitioner reviews a Veteranxe2x80x99s medical or mental health history, using electronic bookmarks that highlight the portions applicable to the Veteranxe2x80x99s claimed condition.The practitioner is guided through a web-based examination form in Clientxe2x80x99s Provider Portal to capture the Veteranxe2x80x99s responses during the exam.Electronic exam documentation is known as a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) and must be submitted promptly within 48 hours of each appointment.The number of DBQs completed per exam will vary based on the Veteranxe2x80x99s claimed conditions.Administrative time is provided to complete exam documentation and ensure timely submission.The documentation is reviewed by a team of medical professionals to ensure contract compliance and guarantee the verbiage aligns with customer requirements.Requests for changes or corrections to exam documentation must be submitted within 48 hours of the appointment.Review pertinent medical history documentation and provide one-time, non-treatment compensation and pension exams for Veterans.The Practitioner will capture responses during the exam through a web-based examination form; all documentation will be completed electronically.Completed exams are sent to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for disability award determinations.General Medical take 45 minutes to several hours, depending on number of disabilities being claimed; Practitioner will be provided an approximate appointment length estimate for each scheduled exam, based on the Veteranxe2x80x99s claim(s)General Medical Exams:Common exams include musculoskeletal, cardio, and respiratoryAncillaries (X-rays, labs, EKGs, PFTs, ABIs) may be ordered and will be conducted on location or nearbyxefxbbxbfEducation/QualificationsQualified candidates must have a masterxe2x80x99s degree in Nursing (NP) or successfully completed an approved Physician Assistant (PA) program.Primary care experience is required. Qualified candidates must be actively licensed and able to work independently and as part of a team, have good interpersonal skills and a willingness to be flexible and adapt to changing situations. Candidates must possess basic computer skills.*Compensation exam or VA experience is preferred, but not required. Module Training is provided.

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