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In the realms of wellness and anti-aging, Serotonin Anti-Aging Centers stands as the undisputed industry leader. With deep roots in the fitness sector and over 15 years dedicated to development, Serotonin Anti-Aging Centers is pioneering the next frontier of wellness and longevity.Our Springfield, MO location is seeking a vibrant, fitness-oriented Nurse Practitioner who shares our passion for health, wellness, and anti-aging.xc2xa0The Nurse Practitioner (NP) role at SEROTONIN Anti-Aging Centers operates under the guidance of the Medical Director.xc2xa0The NP brings expertise in Women’s and Menxe2x80x99s Health, Anti-Aging Medicine, and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to the table. Dedicated to assisting clients in leading healthy lives and achieving their optimal wellness and anti-aging objectives, the NP collaborates closely with Center staff. A team-oriented approach and a positive demeanor are essential, alongside traits such as patience, empathy, professionalism, and strong interpersonal skills.Whether working autonomously or in tandem with the Medical Director, the NP excels in delivering exceptional care to clients/members/guests. Proficiency in a range of areas is expected, including Womenxe2x80x99s Health and Menxe2x80x99s Health, Anti-Aging Therapy, Hormonal Imbalances/BHRT Pellet Insertion, Intravenous Therapy/Vitamin Therapy, Functional Medicine, Weight Management/Exercise/Nutrition, Nutritional Supplementation, Medical Prescription Weight Loss, and Aesthetics (Neuro Toxins, Fillers, PRP, etc.).xc2xa0Responsibilities:Conduct consultations with clients/members/guests.Assess, diagnose, and devise individualized treatment plans or recommend products/services based on client history, conditions, and concerns.Order and interpret labs (blood tests, etc.).Maintain accurate documentation, records, inventory, and schedules.Demonstrate excellent communication, compassion, organization, and interpersonal skills.Display self-motivation, team spirit, and a positive attitude.Utilize strong analytical and problem-solving abilities to determine the best treatment approach.React professionally and judiciously under pressure, exercising good judgment.Exhibit proficiency in EMR and documentation.Demonstrate reliability and self-motivation.xc2xa0Education/Experience/Preferences:Minimum of 2 yearsxe2x80x99 experience in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).Nurse Practitioner State Licensure.Autonomous designation (can be pursued post-hire).Ability to grasp new concepts quickly and a willingness to continue learning.

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